Woodbine Cottage is out of action for months, so the Frys head to the bungalow so Ruth and David don’t have to!

Radio Times: It’s a bit of a squash at Brookfield.

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  • Bert and Freda are staying at the Bull and he’s generally not happy, David’s got everything sympathy but they’ve got calving to cope with (complete with realistic squelches) and chat about the latest government proposals to help farmers as well as issues surrounding milk and beef on the bone.
  • Alistair and Lizzie happen to be surveying the damage at the same time and chat about the Lower Loxley tree (dated to about 1650) and Daniel’s new found interest in hedgehogs. Bert arrives to a chorus of sympathy, insisting to Alistair that he’ll be fine for tomorrow’s cricket match – Ambridge vs the diocese.
  • While he’s trying to unwind in the pub after a busy day, Alistair is accosted by Eddie who wants to know the results of his herd’s blood tests. Alistair’s hints about being left alone are wilfully ignored! The news isn’t bad, the tests are negative for BVD, but he will need to vaccinate some of the stock. Alistair’s less sure about the fried onion smell that’s hanging around Eddie!
  • David and Ruth find Bert in the public bar (seeking solace from sharing with Jamie’s chaos and Freda and Kathy watching soaps!) and deliver some news. The bad news is that Woodbine Cottage doesn’t so much need repairing as rebuilding and it will take at least 3 months. The good news is that, together with Phil and Jill, they’ve hatched a plan. Rickyard Cottage has guests in, so how would Bert and Freda like to move into the bungalow? Ruth, David and the kids will share the farmhouse with Phil and Jill (there were lots of conspicuous uses of the parents moving in/sharing with “us”!) Bert’s absolutely – albeit pleasantly – shocked.