George and Jack are finding retirement tough to cope with.

Radio Times: It is murder in Felpersham.

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  • George has spotted a leakage point in the Grey Gables shoot and is keeping an eye open for Greg – who appears but seems in a rush to be somewhere else. He’s generally proud of the tight ship he runs, but he’s finding Brian a little hard going.
  • Peggy and Jack have been playing golf, but his game was a little off (strange, then, that Peggy should suggested he get lessons because of a below par game ….) Later, when out to book lessons with the club pro, he pops into Awkwright Hall and, when seen by George and proven not to be a potential vandal, starts to regret the state the place has fallen into.
  • Alistair tries to get back into Daniel’s good books, he’d told him off for bringing some young hedgehogs into the house, he tries to win him round to helping see if they can find the mother.
  • A car was stolen from the Bull’s car park last night.
  • Ambridge are playing in a mixed cricket match against the diocesean team … and are thrashed! The suspicion is that the collective noun for cricketing clergy should be a murder and Joe’s a little unamused that the humility of the cloth isn’t much in evidence! Alistair promises a couple of Kiwi secret weapons for Sunday’s match against Darrington …