Brian decides to contract out the arable work – or does he?

Radio Times: It’s decision time for all at Home Farm.

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  • The Lower Loxley shop is finished in time for Easter; Kathy is pleased and Elizabeth is full of praise for the way everyone, Kathy in particular, has worked so hard. Nigel, rather prematurely, sees a good place to display Lower Loxley wine.
  • Matt is keen to talk to Brian about bio-fuels; busy Brian can spare only a few minutes before his farm meeting. He rather takes the wind out of Matt’s sails by disclosing that he and Debbie had looked at bio-fuels a year or so ago and concluded that, until there is a processing plant in Borsetshire, there was not enough profit in them.
  • On to the farm meeting at which Brian announces that although impressed by both cases, after full consideration, he has decided that Debbie’s argument is unanswerable; so he proposed to approach her recommended contractor straight away. Not so fast! Now it is Brian’s turn to have the wind taken out of his sails with the news that Adam has discovered that the contractor is in serious financial trouble; it’s a pity Debbie isn’t online to hear this. Brian, however, is still convinced about the principle of Debbie’s approach. Adam wonders what he has to do to get Brian to see things his way – just for once.

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