Jack experiences the Day Centre – a treat for Peggy too. Ed buys a grand birthday present for George.

Radio Times: Jack gets a change of scene.

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  • It’s Jack’s first day at the Day Centre and he is not at all sure about it but Peggy assures him that he will enjoy the chance to chat.
  • Ed is dashing into Borchester before milking to get a present for George – but he is short of ideas.
  • While Jack is away, Peggy is enjoying cutting back some of her shrubs with Jennifer. They are all going to the Cathedral for the Maundy Thursday service, followed by lunch – Peggy’s treat. Jennifer expresses her misgivings about the direction in which Brian is moving the farm.
  • Eddie is rehearsing his town crier performance because he has heard Derek Fletcher at it – very loud but uninteresting.
  • By all accounts Jack had the time of his life, telling stories and singing songs, although he cannot remember anything about it.
  • Clarrie is delighted with the present Ed has bought for George; it must have cost a fortune. She tries hard to get Ed to agree to give it to George himself when William brings him for tea on Sunday but Ed is adamant: he just can’t do it.

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