Brian feels his age.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer prepare for the onslaught.

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  • The guests arrive for Ruairidh’s birthday party. Jennifer is confident that she can cope without help from Hayley; she has organised so many in the past.
  • David has agreed to help hang the enormous family photograph. Phil finds it a struggle, as it’s so heavy, and their first attempt, to hang it on the landing, doesn’t suit Jill. Finally, it’s put in the conservatory, though Jill still isn’t sure about it.
  • Brian takes over the organisation of party games, but quickly regrets it. The children are soon totally out of control, so Jennifer organises an early tea.
  • Hayley tries to persuade Roy to take a look at 1, The Green. He says there’s no point, it’s way beyond what they can afford. But Hayley persists, and eventually Roy agrees to go on Tuesday – but they must keep their feet on the ground, he says.
  • Hayley’s return to Home Farm to fetch Phoebe coincides with a near riot. Brian just can’t cope with the children, and they know it. Never again, he says. All he wants for his birthday is a quiet night in.

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