The Golden Wedding party goes off well – even for Kenton.

Radio Times: Phil and Jill celebrate in style.

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  • Nigel is receiving the guests at his in-laws’ Golden Wedding celebration; he has just been on his Shire horse course and is full of it. Elizabeth is more concerned about Kenton, who has not yet turned up with the picture. When Phil and Jill arrive Bert is keen to read them the poem he has written but Elizabeth heads him off. Kenton finally turns up and hopes thay have a sense of humour; he explains the problem but Elizabeth is unimpressed.
  • Bert is all set to read “A golden harvest” when the picture is wheeled in – saved again. Fortunately for Kenton, they like it – size and all.
  • Kathy is in conversation with Eddie but is mightily pleased to be joined by Kenton because Eddie raises the subject of that chef, Owen. Perhaps it is time for Kenton to give Phil and Jill his own present.
  • Meanwhile the golden couple are wondering if they will find space for the picture. Phil and Jill reflect that they haven’t done a bad job with their children and Kenton contributes a small picture of Meriel, who of course could not be on the family portrait. Then they are cornered by Bert but, oh dear, it’s time for the speeches – another close run thing! They settle for a written copy to be read at leisure.
  • Finally, Nigel makes a speech that almost moves Jill to tears.

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