Brian finds fatherhood difficult. Ruth makes a major decision.

Radio Times: Ruth looks to the future.

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  • A stressed Brian asks Adam if he will take Ruairidh to the farmers’ market, so that Brian can get on with combining, but Adam says no; he’s single handed and in any case Ruairidh can’t travel in the van. Will calls to ask Brian for help with the birds, but all Brian can do is offer help on Friday. At least Ruairidh can tag along then.
  • Ruth agrees to have Ruairidh to play at Brookfield, but she has to cancel her shopping trip with Ruth; she can’t leave Pip in charge of all three boys. Usha stays to help with the sheep instead, while Ruairidh and Ben rush off to play. A chastened Brian asks Usha if she has any news of Alice.
  • Will fixes Nic’s doorbell, but she insists on paying for the parts. The children are staying with their granny on Friday, so Nic suggests a quiet night in together. She’s come round to Will’s. He thinks it’s a great idea, and will buy a bottle.
  • Ruairidh enjoys his day, which is more than can be said for Adam. Ruairidh asks where Ian is; he clearly likes Ian very much. Brian looks shattered, and Adam comments that he would hate to do child care. Brian admits that he appreciates Jenny more than ever.
  • Ruth gets hot and bothered, working with the sheep, and tells Usha she’s decided to have reconstructive surgery instead of her prosthesis. Usha encourages her, especially when Ruth says she’ll be doing it for herself – not because of Sophie or Sam. But she hasn’t mentioned it to David yet. Usha tells her that she must.

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