The Worm claims another victim. The Snells fall victim to their guests.

Radio Times: The Worm of Ambridge strikes again.

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  • The Snells are awakened at 3 am by the sound of their American visitors moving furniture. Robert is already suffering from too much Thai food eaten too fast, and refuses to do anything about the noise. Lynda gets up to write her restaurant review.
  • Susan whines to an uninterested Neil about ‘That Nic.’ She’s not as pretty as Emma, Emma won’t like her looking after George and so on. Neil puts up a mild defence of Will, but Susan’s well into her stride.
  • The Americans have Feng Shwed their room. There was apparently a Chi draught. Lynda knows better, of course, being an expert on Feng Shwe.
  • Poor Neil is besieged by yet another woman. This time it’s Lynda demanding that he open the bell tower for the church open day, so people can admire Lynda’s rearranged churchyard. She manages to give him her views on Feng Shwe as well.
  • Bert takes Freda’s cat, the Lone Ranger, to Alistair. It’s been missing for 4 days, and come home with a poisoned leg. There are signs of kidney failure, and Alistair advises having the LR put down. When he tells the assembly in the Bull about it, later, they wonder whether the Ambridge Worm is responsible.
  • Robert might not be able to unravel the mystery of the Ambridge Worm, but he has unravelled the Feng Shwe mystery. Bud and Sunshine moved the beds at 3 am to hide a red wine stain on the carpet. Is it worth it, they ask.

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