Dylan Nells dines on a shoestring. Susan discovers who Will is seeing.

Radio Times: Robert and Lynda tighten the purse strings.

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  • Morning Service at St. Stephen’s attracts a much bigger congregation than usual; it’s more on account of worm-spotting than religious conversions, though. Even Fat Paul and Eddie are there.
  • The Snell finances appear to be rather straightened. Lynda forbids Robert to buy a Sunday paper with a free CD, and she insists that their next restaurant review must be the cheap ‘Early Bird’ menu.
  • Nic does some shopping in Susan’s shop on her way to meet Will. Susan admires the baby and is very chatty. Will, Nic and the children enjoy a drink at the Bull, and the relationship is clearly developing nicely, with plans for a day at the sea and an offer from Will to fix Nic’s doorbell.
  • Lynda has taken a B and b booking from some Americans with an interest in leylines. They’re coming at eight, so Lynda and Robert get down to the Thai restaurant for 5.30, to Robert’s irritation. He gets a lecture about buying expensive bottles of wine, and Lynda is appalled when he tells the waitress it’s a special event, in the hope of a freebie. What husband would bring his wife for an Early Bird anniversary treat?
  • Lynda and Robert are the only ones in the restaurant, and the all-you-can-eat-for £10.99 buffet still hasn’t appeared when Lynda gets a call from Bud and Sunshine. They’ll be there at 7, and would like breakfast before going up Lakey Hill to watch the sunrise.
  • When Will drops George off with Susan, Susan realises who the girl in the shop was. The antennae start to twitch, and she rushes to tell Neil.

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