Sid catches the sneaky smoker in the Bull – Lillian. Clarrie finds out Eddie’s Aunt has died in Aberdeen and tackles William about Nic.

Radio Times: Sid makes a false accusation.

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  • Eddie has had some bad news that his Aunt in Aberdeen has died. Clarrie thinks they should go to the funeral but Eddie thinks she was a tight old buzzard and doesn’t see why. Clarrie leaves early for the pub and leaves Eddie to think about it.
  • Lilian turns up in the pub still pretty annoyed about Brenda. Everyone is asking about Clarrie but apparently she is going to be late…..
  • William is surprised by a visit from Clarrie when it turns out she is not really there to tell them about the “sad death” of the Aunt he’d never met but it’s actually that she is worried that William is rushing into things with Nic, especially since she is older and has children. William is very angry. Clarrie tries to make it up in the pub later but William is still cross.
  • Jazzer is getting stories about the snake on his milk round but isn’t impressed when Clarrie flies off the handle at him and he storms off to the loo. She says it’s because of the death in the family. Then the alarm goes off and Sid blames Jazzer but it turns out it was Lilian.

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