The cheese launch goes well but there seem to be some doubts about Will’s girlfriend and how Emma’s views fit in.

Radio Times: Oliver becomes a Big Cheese.

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  • Brenda is off to Grey Gables to support Borchester Land – especially the Councillors. She is to convince them that Borchester Land cares about local produce but Tom isn’t too sure. In the meantime, Adam is needing Tom’s help because Brian is hopeless with Ruairi without Jennifer.
  • Oliver is polishing up his marketing for the cheese launch. He’s not sure how Ed will like being portrayed as a country local. Helen turns up with a copy of the Echo talking about the Satanic Snake on the front page. Roy isn’t impressed.
  • Adam is grateful to Tom for his help but he is most impressed by the way Ruairi has changed Brian. He really seems to have become sensitive. Both Home Farm and Tom’s burger van are suffering from foot and mouth and the weather. Tom won’t break even this year for sure.
  • The cheese launch is very well attended. Oliver sees it as a chance to spread the word about the British countryside as much as the cheese itself. Brenda is certainly out to get the Councillors but Helen isn’t impressed at the gatecrashing of her events. But when Brenda points out a rather attractive Councillor she is more keen. But neither are impressed about Will’s new girlfriend. Looks like she just wants a Dad for her kids.

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