Brian finds Siobhán a bit below par.

Radio Times: Brian’s double-life gives cause for concern.

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  • Brian visits Siobhán with presents for both her and Ruaridh but he is concerned that she does not look herself.
  • Emma has a free run at Brookfield today – no children to look after.
  • Siobhán is pleased with the present and it sparks some reminiscences of happy memories but Brian made his decision and they both have to live with it. Still Brian is concerned that she has lost her sparkle and she admits that a bout of flu at Christmas has dragged on. She should have told him; he could perhaps have financed some extra help. He will take her out for lunch and be back in time for Ruaridh.
  • Working together in the lambing shed, Ruth admits to David that she had observed Eddie at work and been pleased. Although the tractor gave him thinking time, David has realised the need for things that do not take him away from the family. Sometimes things seem normal but the tiniest thing can cause his rage to flare up. They made the right decision to stick together and before Ruth has to go indoors, David offers a hug.
  • All too soon Brian’s taxi has arrived. He does not want to have to explain to Jenny why he missed his flight, although of course she will not be meeting him at the airport. If there is anything he can do for Siobhán …

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