Brian gets cross with Will. Debbie confides in Adam.

Radio Times: Adam and Debbie plan a power trip.

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  • It’s a big day for Will, with a shoot to manage. Initially Brian is pleased, not least because Matt isn’t there, but his mood darkens as the day goes on, and he gives Will a hard time.
  • Debbie offers a hand in the lambing shed so that Adam can get on with other jobs in Brian’s absence. He tries to find out more about Marshall, but Debbie is evasive.
  • Eddie takes time out from beating to take Nic to her mum’s. Brian isn’t pleased, though Will claims it’s because Eddie’s not feeling well. When Eddie does reappear, it’s clear that illness wasn’t the cause, and Brian utters warnings about employing family.
  • Debbie tells Adam that she’ll never be able to forgive Brian for what he’s done to Jennifer. Her coming home was only to support her mother. She admires the way Jennifer has bonded with Ruairidh. If she can do it, so can Debbie. But she’s pleased that she and Adam are so united behind the biodigester idea.

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