Elizabeth feels that events are beyond her control.

Radio Times: Shula lends some sisterly support.

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  • Lilian tells Peggy all about Cornwall and the wonderful time they had there – but as soon as they got back, Matt was off to work and Annabel. He won’t even come to Shula’s drinks party.
  • Jim is making a special cocktail for Heather, but Shula sees it as yet more trouble-making. Alistair notices that Elizabeth is abstracted, but tactfully doesn’t press her.
  • Jack forgot his present for Peggy, but Lilian finds it in his shoe. She suggests that Peggy pretends he did give it to her for Christmas, and that she keeps referring to it. Meanwhile her anniversary present is in the other shoe.
  • Elizabeth is worried that Kathy and Kenton will turn up. She finally tells Shula the whole story, and in particular her own predicament in having to give evidence for the defence. Shula is appalled, and understands when Elizabeth says she can’t bear the situation any longer.

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