Robert experiences difficulties in the workplace. Shula experiences difficulties in family relationships,

Radio Times: Kenton goes on the defensive.

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  • Robert has breakfast before starting on his job with Jason. He fails to realise that his working day starts rather earlier than 9.00, and Jason is less than pleased.
  • Coriander offers to organise a New Year’s Eve party for Robert, to Lynda’s delight. Leonie is not in Lynda’s good books, however, staying in bed until late and doing nothing to help.
  • Robert’s day gets worse and worse. Jason has a fry-up in the Bull at 11, so can’t see why Robert needs to stop for lunch. He flirts with Coriander when she brings Robert’s lunch, and smokes all day. Coriander quotes the EU Working Time Directive at Jason, who isn’t impressed. He just finds Robert far too slow.
  • Shula rings Kenton and arranges to meet him at the Bull. When he turns up, she tries to put Elizabeth’s side over, but Kenton isn’t having any of it. If Elizabeth hadn’t opened her mouth in the first place, none of this would have happened. Shula begs him to persuade Kathy to speak to Elizabeth, but Kenton loses his temper. If Shula persists in telling him what to do, she’ll join Elizabeth as Kenton’s enemy.
  • Robert tells Lynda about his awful day, and says he’ll give the job up. Jason is in the Bull, but when he sees Robert, he beats a hasty retreat.

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