Brian has a tough choice and David’s baddie just got worse …

Radio Times: David is praying it is not too late.

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  • Hayley’s back from a fun family Christmas and is looking forward to another one on Wednesday with Phoebe and Roy, but more pressing is that Lynda’s found out that Larry Lovell will be reviewing tonight’s performance of the panto for the echo, so everyone will have to be on top form!
  • Brian’s trying to convince Jennifer to come to Barbados, but she’s still worried about Kate – but agrees to come if Debbie agrees to housesit in their absence. Of course, this would mean Simon staying too, which Brian is just not prepared for. What choice does he have?
  • Eddie and David are rounding up some loose pigs – just when David should be at the village hall for the panto … and Lynda is having kittens in his absence. He arrives on time, but having slipped in the chase he smells a little fruity …