Happy families at Lower Loxley!

Radio Times: Julia says she will come and have a go.

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  • Ruth and Phil are dealing with some lambs and see Sid and Kathy walking up Lakey Hill with Jamie. Kathy’s wearing her present from Sid – a leopard skin hat …..
  • A small drinks party at Brookfield and Julia’s cornered Tim with talk of her health regimen. She’s also concerned to be back at Lower Loxley when Nigel, Lizzie and the twins arrive home – seemingly not wanting Jill to be there too. Tim’s cornered next by Phil, who’s on his high horse about farming’s status in the public mind … just not his day for small talk, it seems!
  • Nigel and Lizzie are home and loving it, the two grandmothers are in attendance and more than willing to help, although when Jill suggests they go off to bathe the twins and leave the two parents to have some peace, Julia’s not entirely sure what she’s doing. More than willing, but less than able?