Lizzie’s got the twins home and Roy and Hayley almost get their act together.

Radio Times: Roy finds someone to relate to.

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  • Roy and Phoebe are at the flat for a late Christmas and Hayley’s present of a xylophone is going down well, if noisily. Roy’s having to work New Year’s Eve, which means he’ll miss being able to spend the time with his daughter.
  • More presents at Lower Loxley too, this time a pair of outfits made by Clarrie, who’s smitten with the twins. Lizzie’s very happy to be home, although Nigel is exhausted (but doesn’t mind). It seems that Julia wasn’t as much help during the night as it was led to believe that she might have been, so there looks set to be some long nights ahead!
  • Phoebe’s having a rest and Hayley and Roy are discussing her situation, she’s coping well but sometimes her mother’s absence does get a little too much and Roy just cannot do the right thing. Hayley suggests that continuity of care is the key and offers to mind her – so long as Josey agrees to the idea. Roy’s delighted with the idea and, as the wine flows and the intimacy levels increase, he’s trying to say something and she’s trying to prompt him to say it, willing him to say it, but just as whatever it was is almost on his tongue the intercom resounds to Phoebe’s awakening and the spell is broken, their time is up ….