Brian has decided to end his affair but he cannot give up his son.

Radio Times: Phil’s feeling nervous.

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  • Brian has been saying little throughout the weekend, getting things clear in his mind; now, just before they go out to the carol service, he wants to talk. He agrees with Jenny; if they are to rebuild their marriage, he will have to give up his affair with Siobhán – but – he cannot give up his son.
  • At Brookfield, Pip has had a last rehearsal for her solo and Phil is feeling nervous.
  • Could Jennifer find her way to trust him (ha!); the affair is over. But will it stay over if he continues to see Siobhán? Brian delivers a below-the-belt remark that Jenny of all people should appreciate how he feels about Ruairidh; since he has brought up her painful past, her distilled wisdom is to make a clean break. He can’t do that. Then Siobhán will have to move completely away, otherwise it’s divorce, Jennifer and Alice will leave, Brian must sell the farm, Debbie will be out of a job, etc etc. Debbie cuts short the debate: they really must go to the carol service.
  • Her parents cause Alice some anxiety but they do arrive in the nick of time and find seats next to Ruth. Of course the service goes very well, a nice way to start Janet’s last Christmas there; incidentally, Shula is hoping to organise a better send-off for her than is currently planned. Brian gets a kiss from Alice, apparently just for being there: Debbie explains that, although he hasn’t got a clue, she has obviously picked up on the fact that something is wrong. She can’t know. She mustn’t know! Tomorrow he will go to Felpersham to deliver his decision to Siobhán.

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