Siobhán receives Brian’s news; she will need to think about his access to Ruairidh.

Radio Times: Brian’s made his decision.

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  • Shula has won the day; Janet’s leaving is not to be marked with just a cheese and wine party but with a kind of village concert. Meanwhile Alistair is taking Daniel to the Grundy World of Christmas again and Kenton is taking Jamie.
  • Father Christmas (alias Joe) has a problem – a dreadful cough, caught of course at the North Pole.
  • Siobhán greets Brian’s arrival as a nice surprise but not for long. He announces that he cannot see her any more; they have to finish; it’s over.
  • Alistair complains to Eddie about two dangers: that there is no room to park and that Joe has such a cough. Where can Eddie get a replacement Santa?
  • Siobhán has taken it in now: the man she thought loved her has dumped her to go back to his wife. If it is so hard to finish, then don’t; why doesn’t Brian come away with Siobhán and their son. Giving up his social life and his multi-million pound farm could have something to do with it. He still wants to see Ruairidh and he will support them financially; money is not what Siobhán wants. When does he want to see Ruairidh, then? Christmas Eve is a bit difficult, Christmas Day even more difficult and the shoot is on Boxing Day. He could manage Friday – big deal; nevertheless he is given leave to come on Friday. Brian thinks they have a lot to sort out; do they – if it’s over, it’s over! Siobhán recognises Jennifer’s hand in the suggestion that she might remove herself from the district and Brian gets his marching orders.
  • Eddie is pleased that he beat Neil down over using his field for parking; much to Joe’s disgust, Kenton has taken over Father Christmas duty. Shula has followed her son to the market and requires an explanation for the baby Jesus she has just found beneath his bed. He admits that Uncle Kenton dared him to take it but has now learnt that he does not have to do everything Kenton tells him. He should have owned up before; he must now apologise to Janet and to Uncle George. Must Kenton apologise too?
  • When Brian returns home, tail between legs, Jennifer is keen to know what Siobhán said about moving away, also how Brian’s access to his son is actually going to work. Brian is too upset to talk about it any more today; he had better not spoil Debbie’s birthday tomorrow! Jennifer is not impressed by being told that she has got what she wants; she makes it clear that Brian should not expect any sympathy from her.

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