Brian is fed up with his lot and Kirsty is fed up with Tom.

Radio Times: Christmas pranks on the village green.

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  • Siobhán is at Lower Loxley for tea and to tell Elizabeth that it is all over with Brian; she has no-one else to tell.
  • Shula finds Janet in the church and reveals that Daniel took the baby Jesus. No harm has been done and at least they now have a spare. She wants to hear all about Daniel and Kenton’s dares; a drink in The Bull later would be a good opportunity.
  • Siobhán had expected Brian to want to ‘cool it’ for a while but not a complete break. She does not see why he should see Ruairidh if he does not want to see her. He does, of course, but he wants to see her more! He is Ruairidh’s dad, as Elizabeth points out, and should support him financially at least, in spite of Siobhán’s pride.
  • In The Bull, Brian is not brimming with Christmas spirit; he just wants a quiet corner. Kirsty is on duty but finds time to confide with Ed that she is fed up with Tom always working; Chaba is upstairs with Fallon but she thinks he would rather be with her.
  • In another corner, Janet gets the gory details of the adventures of Shula’s two children. She also learns that Jennifer has found out about Brian’s affair. The family put on a brave face at the party but Brian is now staring into his beer.
  • Tom has appeared two hours late and so tired that he cannot stay more than half an hour; Kirsty is not best pleased.
  • Shula checks on Brian but is not thanked for interfering. Jennifer is home alone, as she prefers; Debbie is at the panto but is not speaking to him. Tomorrow they will have their very own pantomime when Jack and Peggy visit – happy families.
  • Ed and Kirsty are transforming the village green with spare Christmas trees; in another part Chaba and Fallon are doing the same after Ed told him it was an old custom. The arrival of Mr Aldridge, walking home, might blow their prank but he has other things on his mind. They hope he will have a good Christmas; he’ll try.

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