Brian has to wish to speak to Kate and David has no wish to store Josh’s machinery at Brookfield.

Radio Times: Brian puts his foot down and Josh pushes the boundaries

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  • As Josh takes delivery of the machinery he bought at the sale, he incurs some angry comments from David, who thinks Josh has bought more than the ‘one or two’ items he claimed.
  • Brian and Adam ponder the fact that Brian’s buyer is asking for more land. What will Kate have to say? Brian is anxious to do the deal quickly. That way Kate will just have to shut up about it. As they speak, Kate rings. Brian wants Adam to take the call, but he claims to be too busy. Kate rings off before Brian can answer. Meanwhile Adam is trying to get Alistair to look at one of the deer, but Alistair seems to be not in the best of moods.
  • David is unrelenting in his criticism of Josh, though he does have some reason, since Josh’s ‘one or two’ are actually seven. Where will he store them? Josh has a ready answer. Where does Josh intend to set up a paint shop? In David’s barn. How will he protect the barn from paint? By utilising David’s bales. Infuriated by his son’s glib answers, David tells him that he will have to pay rent. Josh appears astounded at the very thought.
  • Jennifer witters to Phoebe about tomorrow’s birthday lunch when Brian comes in demanding strong black coffee. Kate has rung incessantly, and is demanding a partners’ meeting. Jennifer is sure it’s to do with Kate’s plans for Spiritual Home. Brian is sure it’s not. Whatever it is, it will be a complete waste of time. Meanwhile both he and Adam are far too busy for a meeting.
  • avid tells Adam about his run-in with Josh. Adam laughs, putting Josh’s ideas down to youthful enthusiasm. Maybe the vast business empire he is building will keep David and Ruth in their old age.

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