Anisha is keen to share her news. Susan is keen to spend Neil’s salary. Both meet with mixed responses

Radio Times: Anisha drops a bombshell and Neil is forced to hold his tongue

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  • Anisha returns from a visit to a friend in Newmarket earlier than planned, and is keen to see Rex as soon as she can. After a loving reunion she tells him there is something she must say; she has a new job in Newmarket.
  • Susan invites Ed, Emma and the children for supper. She thinks Neil is down in the dumps through work issues, and wants to cheer him up.
  • Rex is stunned by the news; he had no idea Anisha had gone for an interview. She claims she had no idea, and had just sent in her CV. Gradually Rex realises what she is saying – she wants him to come too. Despite worries over his various business commitments, Rex is only too happy to agree. Anisha tells him he can have no idea how much it means to her. But is she going to tell Alistair? Of course; she has to.
  • It’s clear that while Susan is thrilled about Neil’s managerial status and she and Neil will help them with their deposit. Emma is overcome with joy. Neil chokes over his salad preparation and cuts his finger. When Ed and Emma have gone, Susan suggests setting a similar sum aside for Chris and Alice. Having such a big salary is just wonderful. Poor Neil can only add a meek ‘Yes, wonderful.’
  • Anisha helps Alistair with a foal which is fitting. He tells her how grateful he is, and launches into a long speech about how well they work together, how he has appreciated her support since Shula’s decision to divorce and how , when his financial affairs are settled, he may retire and leave Anisha to run the practice. Anisha has to bite the bullet.
  • Alistair’s response to Anisha’s news is one of cold fury. He accuses her of stabbing her in the back. he reminds her of the large loans he took on to accommodate her wants. How will he meet them now, without an equine specialist? For Alistair, both Anisha and Shula have finished him.

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