Josh has business on his mind. Tom has a business plan on his mind.

Radio Times: Tom looks to the future. David needs a favour

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  • David has a favour to ask of Josh, which concerns Pip. he wants him to check the young stock for her tomorrow while she goes to an ante-natal appointment. Jeering about his sister, and downright rude to his father, Josh roars off to a farm dispersal sale.
  • Both Tom and Helen are about early at Bridge Farm. Helen is despondent about the three cancellations for her course; Tom counsels taking payment in advance. In a strangely stilted voice, he tries to boost her self-confidence by saying that being a finalist in the Food and Farming awards must surely attract people. Telling her brother about Pat’s spat with Justin, Helen thinks it is all as Olwen predicted. Tom asks Helen to read the next chapter of his Nuffield submission.
  • While the rest of the United Kingdom basks in sunshine, Ambridge is deluged with rain. David calls at The Bull for lunch, and engages Jazzer in a conversation about sheep versus pig intelligence. Commenting on Josh’s coverage in the Echo, Jazzer bemoans the ravages of time. If he were Josh, he’d be chasing girls, not buying machinery.
  • So heavy is the Ambridge rain that Tom and Helen are closeted indoors. Helen has sage advice to offer, for which the ever-stilted Tom is humbly grateful. Then Jazzer rings; Tom is needed to help move pig arks in the rain, following a mechanical failure.
  • Josh returns, soaked to the skin, to find David preparing to make a cot. Josh has had a wonderful day, buying some real bargains. Do you ever wonder why they are bargains? Enquires David morosely. Josh is more concerned with admiring his press coverage
  • As the sodden pair move pig arks, Jazzer informs Tom that his Nuffield project is a waste of time. He’d have done better to stay in Ambridge and raise better pork.

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