Pat makes her feelings about Justin’s business practices very clear

Radio Times: Lilian makes a mistake. Pat is on the warpath

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  • Henry is disappointed not to be able to watch the football with Tom and Johnny at the pub, so Helen and Pat will watch it with him at home. Helen is disappointed too – she has had a cancellation for tomorrow’s cheese making course.
  • Kate, as usual, has disappeared, so Jennifer and Phoebe set to to make Spiritual Home look more appealing. Phoebe intends to update the website and has made some fliers. She wishes Kate would put some effort into it.
  • Lilian tries in vain to teach Ruby some tricks, and comes to Bridge Farm after the match, where she is assailed by an angry Pat, demanding to know why Justin has reduced the number of affordable homes on the building site. Lilian flounders unconvincingly; there is no problem, it’s just that there won’t be quite as many. Anyway, it won’t affect Pat. No, retorts Pat, but it will affect Emma Grundy. It’s just what Olwen predicted.
  • Admiring their work, Jennifer and Phoebe talk about Phoebe’s forthcoming 20th birthday. She is just the age at which Kate gave birth to her in a tent at Glastonbury! Phoebe is just sorry that Roy will have to miss her celebration lunch, as he is working, but she is very happy that Lexi has moved in with him, because she has always been very fond of her.
  • Ever more furious after Lilian’s evasiveness, Pat calls on Justin and makes it very clear that she has no intention of wasting time on pleasantries. Justin, equally evasive if less flustered, claims that he has not yet finalised details; he is still in discussion; nothing is set in stone; he has cut his profit margins to the bone etc. etc. Pat dismisses his floundering with contempt.
  • Pat later tells Helen of her contretemps with Justin. She ought to have seen it coming. Justin never intended to build so many affordable homes. Helen barely listens; another cancellation has come in. When Lilian gives her side of the argument with Pat to Justin, he dismisses it airily. Pat’s bark is worse than her bite.

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