Harrison tries his hand at bell ringing, and Kate realises what she needs to do.

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  • Kate won’t be going for a drink to celebrate Christopher’s 30th birthday, despite Alice trying to persuade her. Phoebe has offered to give Spiritual Home a makeover, but Kate is unsure if it is worth the effort.
  • Usha is a bit rusty at bell ringing, and Harrison gets his first chance to have a go. He’s distracted though by Christopher’s plans for later. While they are out drinking, Harrison asks Christopher to be his best man.
  • At Spiritual Homes, Usha doesn’t really enjoy her massage as Kate rants to her about her troubles at Home Farm, and is a bit too rough with her. To make up for it, she offers Usha a scalp massage. Usha enjoys it, and having listened to Kate’s woes, she recommends that Kate consults a lawyer.

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