Joe considers entering Bartleby in the pets’ talent show, but perhaps Daphne would be better

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  • There are very few customers at Spiritual Home, so Kate offers Phoebe a free massage, but is rebuffed. Phoebe has just finished a shift in the polytunnels, as there are far too few European pickers this year. Kate doesn’t care about Adam’s business, as he doesn’t care about hers.
  • Will is getting ready to see his solicitor about custody, but Jennifer calls to tell him that several birds have escaped somewhere near Leader’s Wood. Nobody else is available to go and fetch them, so Will has to go himself. He says he will call the solicitor to delay the meeting.
  • When Kate is worried about her business and that nobody takes her seriously but Phoebe tries to reassure her. As a way to thank her for her support, Kate offers her a complementary massage which she declines.
  • Will missed the appointment with his solicitor. Eddie hopes that is will make Will see sense and withdraw his claim for custody.
  • Phoebe tells Jennifer that she is worried about Kate. Jennifer says that they should try to help Kate

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