Kate confesses all, and we find out who ripped the bouncy castle.

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  • Kate feels that honesty is the best policy, still bitter about how Brian, Jennifer and Adam didn’t inform her about the sale of the land around Spiritual Homes.
  • Tom tells Helen all about his next report to the Nuffield Trust, including a story about a Russian prince falling for a cheese-maker. He’s worried about where to go with the kefir business. Helen is worried that every man and his dog is making cheese these days.
  • Toby is busy doing another batch of gin, but is due at The Bull in ten minutes. Rex tells him that Anisha took it well when he told her about Xanthe. Toby has something to confess to Rex …
  • Pip meets Rex at The Bull, while Toby is working. They talk about Kenton’s bouncy caste being ripped. After Rex goes off, Toby and Pip discuss the completion which Kenton has arranged for naming their baby. Pip and Alice turn up, and Toby immediately wants to go back indoors. However, it is too late and Kate, in the spirit of honesty and openness tells Pip that she and Toby …. on Sunday after the party, but that it meant nothing. Pip is not angry that he slept with Kate, but she is angry that he let her down having promised to take her home. Kate comes back and has just found out that Toby didn’t tell Kenton that they were the ones who ripped the bouncy castle.
  • Later, away from The Bull, Kate feels left out again. Alice tells her that her job isn’t going well, and that she had hoped she may be able to work on the farm. Kate, in her usual selfish manner, wails about being left out, and that nobody takes her seriously, not even an idiot like Toby. Alice tells her to grow up!

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