Rex tells Anisha about Xanthe, and Lilian is provoked into entering Ruby into the Pet’s Talent Show.

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  • Rex decides to tell Anisha about Xanthe (Pip’s friend) being “a bit friendly” with him at Ruth’s party. Josh thinks that Rex was interested in Pip, but Rex says that it was only ever Toby who was interested. He and Pip are just mates.
  • Lynda and Anisha discuss literary heroines, but Lilian comes along to save the day. Anisha also expresses her opposition to pet talent shows, and Lilian says she won’t be entering Ruby. Later on, Lynda and Lilian meet up again, with their dogs, with each of them bragging about how obedient their dogs are. Lilian is goaded into entering Ruby into the talent contest.
  • Anisha is intrigued when Rex cooks a meal for her. However, she isn’t at all jealous when he tells her about Xanthe.