Football and bell ringing.

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  • In The Bull, there is a discussion about the upcoming World Cup match. Toby explains to Kenton that he couldn’t drive Pip home because he got drunk. Kenton is unhappy that the bouncy castle was ripped, and he may have to pay for a replacement. He has no idea who did it.
  • Will complains to Eddie that Martyn is keeping a close eye on him. Eddie wants to take Will to The Bull to watch the match. Clarrie can look after the kids.
  • Neil is worried that the bell ringers will be short of a team. He wants Christopher to recruit some young newbies. Christopher isn’t too sure, he’ll be 30 on Friday, but decides to do it.
  • Harrison asks Christopher if he could stay at The Nest the night before his wedding. Christopher says yes, without asking Alice. He also manages to rope Harrison into trying some bell ringing.
  • While Toby adjusts the volume, the television in The Bull stops working. The bar soon empties as everyone goes home to watch the rest of the football

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