Brian is not yet ready to tell his daughters – not until after the funeral.

Radio Times: David makes amends for the past.

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  • It’s a difficult call for David to make but Brian appreciates it. There was not enough time at the end; he feels he has treated everybody badly. He is not happy about Bridget insisting that Ruairidh goes to the funeral.
  • Jennifer has not been able to talk to Brian. Adam needs to know when Debbie is told because he may need to talk to Debbie about something. Jennifer probably cannot do the Royal. Alice has had an email from Dad who is confused about her exam day. Adam manages to persuade Alice to sell strawberries at the Royal – for a price. As far as Adam’s 40th birthday is concerned, he tells his sister that he is not planning a party.
  • Brian paints a picture that is not very cheerful. Ruairidh is withdrawn, Bridget and Niamh upset. Jennifer proposes telling the older girls this week. No! One thing at a time! Brian is adamant that they get the funeral over first – then he will think about it. But he must make the call to Debbie himself.
  • David and Ruth are talking about Brian when Adam arrives but nothing is said in his presence, though he clearly knows all about it. David will be glad when it is all out in the open.
  • Later Jennifer reports to Adam the conversation with Brian. Adam enlists her cooperation in playing down his birthday party – he has told Alice there won’t be one. Jennifer doesn’t really know what she has agreed with Brian; she doesn’t really think he is taking anything in. Ambridge doesn’t exist. How is she supposed to deal with her husband away grieving for his mistress.

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