News of Siobhán is spreading; Jennifer fears that Alice will make the connection.

Radio Times: The secrets take their toll on Jennifer.

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  • As usual, Jennifer cannot sleep and is up early worrying about telling Alice; she is going to be devastated. Adam is more sanguine – she’ll survive. Anyway, Jennifer can do nothing until Brian gets back and that’s not for another week.
  • At Brookfield they will be cutting the hay this week but that is not what Elizabeth has called about. Brian, she reports, is pretty bad. Ruairidh breaks her heart. She and Nigel will be going to the funeral, though it is his birthday. David feels that lets him off the hook, but he will ring Brian to offer his support.
  • After church, Elizabeth offers Jennifer any help they can give but this earns her a sharp rebuke. Alice is within earshot; how could Elizabeth even have thought about discussing it – have some sense!
  • David is reeling from the news that a neighbour has sold his dairy herd. A local farm is opening for Farm Sunday; cricket will keep David away but Ruth and Pip could go and pick up anything useful. Soon all schoolchildren will have to visit a farm – why not Brookfield.
  • Jennifer explains to Adam that she was horrible to Elizabeth; she was caught on a bad moment. Everyone is talking about Siobhán Hathaway; Jennifer thinks that Alice will make the connection, her father also being in Ireland. When she is told, she will phone Debbie and Kate, so they ought to be told first; Debbie reacted badly last time but then she was in a bad place herself. Jennifer must talk to Brian just as soon as she can get hold of him.

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