Siobhán’s funeral is likely to be next Friday and Ruairidh will stay with Bridget for a bit while Brian and Jennifer sort things out.

Radio Times: The future’s uncertain at Home Farm.

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  • Jennifer is off to another farmers’ market with the strawberries. Unsurprisingly, Adam is having some trouble with the pickers. And he wants to speak to Brian but Jennifer hasn’t heard from him since yesterday.
  • Jack is getting into a panic about a “meeting” he has to be at but he can’t remember where it is or who it is with. Eventually she convinces Jack he had the meeting yesterday. And then she persuades him to give her some dancing practise. Peggy is thrilled to see them! Then finally the penny drops about the meeting – it was his chiropodist appointment at 4.00pm! He’s still a businessman at heart.
  • Brian calls to tell Jennifer Siobhán has died. Jennifer doesn’t really know what to say. She is determined to go to the market though. Life goes on. She agrees to call back later.
  • Peggy tells Adam how worried she is about Jennifer taking on a very disturbed little boy. Adam says she is strong and had obviously got it from Peggy who has had more than her share of troubles.
  • When Jennifer calls back Brian is calmer. The funeral is likely to be next Friday and Brian will stay with Ruairidh until then. He has been told but doesn’t really understand. Brian has also arranged for Ruairidh to stay with Bridget for a bit to give them breathing space to tell Alice and sort things out. Jennifer offers to go over but Brian thinks she should stay with Alice who needs some stability too. He can never thank Jennifer enough.

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