Siobhán dies and Brian is devastated.

Radio Times: It’s a dark day for Brian and Jennifer.

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  • Siobhán is now hardly waking up and her breathing is very poor. Elizabeth has decided to stay on since it’s not going to be long. Brian is very relieved to have the company. When they get back to the house though, they spot the Priest’s car outside. She died while they were out. Brian is devastated he wasn’t there and that she didn’t say good bye to him. Elizabeth tries to comfort him that he’s doing what she wanted. He is going to look after Ruairidh. He says a very sad farewell to Siobhán at her bedside.
  • Lynda is desperate to tell Jennifer about the Churchyard project. It is going very well if some timewasters didn’t keep logging false sightings of wildlife. She has now given up on Borchester Life covering it but she thinks they might be interested in the llama. Alice is certainly taken with him. Lots of comments are made reminding Jennifer of Ruairidh including from Alice that she missed having a younger brother or sister to fuss over.

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