Brian is outclassed by Matt.

Radio Times: Brian learns to pay more attention.

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  • Tom offers his parents support in their battle with Matt by taking on the milking. Tony has read the small print on their agreement and found that Borchester Land do have the right to take back buildings. Tom insists that the battle isn’t over yet, and that they will win.
  • Brian gets an earful from Jennifer over Matt’s actions. She’s had an earful in turn from Peggy. Jennifer insists that Brian go and see Matt to sort matters out. An unwilling Brian does as he’s told.
  • As Nigel and Elizabeth open up Lower Loxley for the Bank Holiday weekend, Nigel frets over the roped-off haha and the new paint in the boiler room. Jennifer brings Ruairidh over to play with the twins, and this cheers Nigel up; he takes them all off for a bike ride, and Jennifer accepts, with some relief, Elizabeth’s offer to have Ruairidh there over half term.
  • Matt successfully bulldozes Brian into believing that he was a party to the Borchester Land Board decision to take back farm buildings which could be turned to greater profit. Brian honestly can’t remember, and tries, rather weakly, to play the family card, but to no avail. Matt’s made up the collective mind.
  • Brian calls at Bridge Farm to tell Tony the outcome of his meeting with Matt. He thinks he must just have missed the small print when the decision was made, but in any case, he’d have been outnumbered on the board. Nothing will ever change Matt’s mind.

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