Ed draws a line underneath the past. Susan fails to draw the line with George.

Radio Times: Emma harks back to the past.

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  • Because Emma’s working at Jaxx, and Will is busy on the shoot, Susan is in charge of George, but it’s proving difficult. George refuses to eat his lunch, and Susan tells him he won’t go to Lower Loxley. Neil intervenes and says she’s too strict, but Susan insists there must be boundaries – people are too flexible in their approach to children.
  • Mike calls on the Carters, and asks if he can tag along to Lower Loxley. He tells them how good Jack was with Abbie when Hayley and Roy took her to visit, but how sad it is to see a good businessman like Jack sink into confusion and memory loss.
  • Pat’s busy selling ice cream at Lower Loxley. Nigel tells her they are pleased to hear that Lorna, who stood in for Kathy during the trial, wants to apply for Kathy’s job. Susan appears, and commiserates with Pat over the Matt Crawford affair. George, having refused his lunch, clamours for burgers and ice-cream.
  • In pouring rain on the Borchester by-pass, Ed’s car breaks down. he tries to ring Eddie, without success, but then Emma drives past on her way home from work, and rescues him. She re-opens their last discussion, about the good times they once had together, but Ed refuses to go there. It’s history now, and his life has moved on. Emma says she only wants to be friends, but Ed’s firm; she must stop asking.

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