Brian is still demanding a lot from Adam but when Brian makes a mistake, he is going to have to do more work to make up for it.

Radio Times: Robert develops a flexible conscience.

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  • Lynda isn’t enjoying her current B&B guests. The children have no discipline. They have no manners at all. But she is more impressed that her letter to Borchester Life has been awarded Letter of the Month. So she’s going to tell the Editor what she thinks. But Robert is keener on eating the meal which is the prize and maybe even sending in some more letters.
  • Brian is still making a lot of demands on Adam on the farm. But he is still trying to spend time with Ruairi. Debbie has phoned but still doesn’t seem to have thawed much. Then it gets worse – Brian has forgotten to order spares for the combine. Adam will have to drive to Norfolk to get spares so Brian is just going to have to sort out the lambs himself.
  • David raises the fly tipping problem at the Parish Council. Or he would if David could get a word in. He does stress the importance of not becoming vigilantes!
  • Phil and Jill have gone to Brookfield for supper and Ruth has been experimenting with chili in the shepherd’s pie. Phil has been upset about gossip at the Bull about Ruairi. It was inevitable but still very nasty. Jill is getting very excited about their foreign trip though. Phil isn’t convinced about the plans for the changes to the herd but he will support them whatever they decide.

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