Peggy appears to convince Alice to join a family dinner at Home Farm on Thursday to mark Jack’s birthday.

Radio Times: Hayley plays the social organiser.

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  • Brian tries to drag Tom into help with the lambs and despite his resistance, he bullies him into it. Tom is even less impressed when Brian then turns up late.
  • Jennifer is still really tired with Ruairi not sleeping. Peggy is struggling with Jack as well with his birthday approaching. So Jennifer agrees to do a meal for them. And Peggy will try to persuade Alice to come.
  • Hayley tries to boost Mike’s confidence about his dancing. Even William had heard how good he was. Will seems so animated at the moment. She’s found a dance club for Mike to try in Borchester but he isn’t so keen. It wouldn’t be the same without Betty. But she convinces him to think about it.
  • Peggy arranges a lunch with Alice and gives her similar advice as Adam. She needs to give Jennifer more leeway. And Alice leaves, saying she will see Peggy on Thursday – although not where!
  • Jennifer and Peggy are thrilled to think Alice might be there on Thursday. Maybe just a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. They can celebrate Jack’s birthday peacefully and happily.

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