Brian is still thinking about the future and what he needs to do for ALL his children.

Radio Times: Lilian doesn’t want tea and sympathy.

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  • Matt is really trying to enforce the no alcohol rule for Lilian. And Jennifer and Brian won’t help. Brian even offers her £500 if she makes it to Easter. Whether Jennifer can cope with Lilian as far as Easter is another matter.
  • Adam is beginning to think Brian is avoiding him and he’s even less impressed to hear he’s gone to see the accountant again. Maybe they could give the holiday cottages one each to Kate and Alice to save some tax. But he wants to take it easier anyway – that spell in the lambing shed really took it out of him. He is wondering about selling up but Jennifer thinks he’ll be bored. And anyway, farming is looking brighter these days. But Brian is still taken with Debbie’s idea of contracting out the arable. Jennifer doesn’t understand why he is so reluctant to let Adam take over but Brian thinks it would be “too much for him”. When Adam arrives, he is very keen to take on more responsibility but Brian would rather rely on Debbie – even though she isn’t here.
  • Helen walked out on her counsellor but bumps into Ian. He tries to let her see how she is changing her views to quickly. Helen explains the counsellor wants her to go back to the club where she got drunk before Christmas. Ian tells her it’s for the best – she can’t spend the rest of her life without going to a bar, having a drink with friends and going home. Maybe the counsellor believes in her more than Helen does. She does agree to give it a go.
  • Jennifer challenges Brian on why she won’t give more responsibility. He says he’ll think about it again but it’s not just Adam he has to think of. It’s all the children.

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