Brian is the bearer of good news for Will; Matt is not going to like this!

Radio Times: Brian makes a break with the past.

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  • Brian’s little spat with Matt has spurred him into action, and he offers Will the head keeper’s job on a three month trial. He agrees to give George some more hours, and to give Will all the support he needs. Will is delighted.
  • Ruth and David are recovering from Usha and Ashok’s engagement party in Wolverhampton. They can’t get over the way Usha has reverted to her Asian origins, but agree that her future mother-in-law looks fairly frightening.
  • To try and (metaphorically) lay Greg’s ghost, Brian decides to burn the shepherd’s hut, helped by David. Unfortunately Helen is having a walk in the woods, and sees the smoke. She tells Ruth that she’s feeling awful; just when she seems to be a bit brighter, she tips right down again. She’s beginning to know how Greg must have felt – everything has been taken away from her. She can’t even have Greg’s ashes; Michelle has denied her that.
  • Will and Mitch also meet Helen, who seems pleased to see Mitch again. A hesitant Will tells her that he’s got Greg’s job, and that he’s asked Ed to be his best man. Helen takes both bits of news quite well. Life has to go on, she says, even if hers doesn’t seem to be.
  • Just as David has the chance to relax, Sid comes round and has a go at him for missing nets. David assures him he’ll be there on Sunday, and will do his best. But it seems that this isn’t good enough for Sid, who delivers a lecture on commitment. It seems that Sid’s real purpose in coming is to find out just what Adam’s up to, but David gives him short shrift, and asks him to leave. He and Ruth agree that, for once, their future looks remarkably bright. Yes, says Ruth, especially now we’ve got Sam and his plate meter.

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