Sid loses control and thumps Adam; Will takes control and stops Ed doing something equally daft.

Radio Times: Sid reaches breaking point.

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  • The cricket match is not going well for Ambridge; it’s not that they are playing badly but the other team have a bowler who has really found the length. This is not how Sid sees it and a stream of comments about Adam’s performance ensues.
  • Will Eddie never learn? He now has plans to go and duff up Snatch Foster; Clarrie will no doubt talk some sense into him eventually and Ed’s suggestion that he and Will should do it instead is quickly put down.
  • Ambridge lost and, according to Sid, Adam’s 34 was pathetic. That it was twice anyone else’s score is irrelevant. Adam needs a drink.
  • William calls at Keeper’s Cottage to see how his dad is and finds that he has to talk some sense into Ed, who is thinking of getting Jazzer’s mates to do Snatch over. Will insists on talking to Snatch first.
  • In The Bull, Sid’s tirade continues and Adam objects. For his trouble he gets a thump in the face and told to leave – permanently; he is barred. Jolene ushers Sid upstairs and Adam outside but if Sid thinks he has her support, he has another think coming. He will have to apologise.
  • The other injured party is also getting a good talking to. Adam should not have made an issue of it; he deliberately wound Sid up. Ian will not be used in Adam’s personal battles and he does not wish to be with him just now. Goodnight!

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