Nigel raises his barn but Adam tries in vain to raise Ian on the phone.

Radio Times: The waiting is over for Nigel.

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  • Nigel is worried about his new vines getting powdery mildew but he must leave them for now. Quite a crowd is gathering for the barn-raising.
  • Among the assembled muscle is Adam, in dark glasses and more desperate to raise Ian on his phone than the barn. David is curious to learn more about Brian retiring – he had heard it from Alice – but Adam is dismissive. David is surprised to see Neil, since they are moving this week, but he has been sent out of the way; their house may be small but it is a palace compared to the caravan they are moving into. Nigel issues instructions and the requisite safety gear and the raising begins.
  • Usha has left Ashok’s mother in the gallery with Julia; she is not content that Ashok’s work is shown to best advantage and Julia’s hackles are rising faster than the barn. Elizabeth and Usha decide to leave them to it.
  • For the roof, Nigel is going to need 3000 wooden shingles and the way he is splitting them, there will be a lot of wastage. Alistair is keen to try but also has trouble. Adam is still splitting his time between raising the barn and ringing Ian.
  • The final stages are complete and it looks fabulous. Nigel is deputed to top out the barn – put the last peg in – and make a speech. On the ground Usha, she of the fête committee, gets some advice from Elizabeth about an event: how about a tug-of-war across the Am?

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