Ian steers Adam towards a reconciliation with Sid; Christopher will never be reconciled with caravan living.

Radio Times: The Carters go on the move.

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  • Roy and Ian are pleased with their efforts to revamp the restaurant at Grey Gables: both the decor and the food have drawn favourable comment. In spite of Tom’s reported enthusiasm, Ian has made no decisions about a sausage supplier for the new bistro that is coming soon. He did call in earlier at Ambridge Organics and was concerned about the state Helen is in; Roy recalls his own reaction when John, his best mate, died. The conversation is interrupted by Adam, still desperate to make it up with Ian; now is not a good time but Ian promises to call him this afternoon.
  • Chez Carter, the packing is not going well; Christopher has hardly started, pleading pressure of GCSE exam work. Only the bare essentials can go to the poxy little caravan or very nice caravan – depending on who is describing it.
  • At Willow Farm there seems every likelihood that the Carters’ belongings are going spread beyond the spare room allotted to them; Mike seems unusually accommodating but Roy is more protective of the limited space occupied by his own family and probably fears a Hayley backlash if he allows the encroachment.
  • Ian turns up at Home Farm and is able to calm Adam’s anxiety: it is not all over between them – but it will be if there are any more scenes like those in The Bull. Of course Sid should not have hit out and Ian reckons that Jolene will make him apologise. But Adam was also at fault; it’s not easy but he must try and blend in. Adam must also apologise to Sid, and he must make the first move. Indeed Ian does not want to see him again until he does.
  • The practical difficulties of living in a small space are coming home to the Carters. Emma’s solution is to move to Will’s flat; she spends most time there anyway. Susan is disappointed at the prospect of losing her daughter early; it’ll be fun in the caravan, you know it will. (Keep saying it, Susan, and you might end up believing it!)

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