Adam expresses his views about Brian selling up and retiring.

Radio Times: Adam looks to the future.

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  • Helen is annoyed: she has overslept, having been awake half the night and blames her mum for not waking her.
  • With Josh fully occupied with wattle and daub (especially daub) at Lower Loxley, Ruth has time to talk to Usha, who had been looking forward to a trip to Canada until she met Ashok’s mum. She assures Ruth that she and Ashok will not be going to India to live – home is here.
  • Adam visits the shop and finds Helen at work. She is not receptive to the same old platitudes and, of course, there is little else he or anyone can offer.
  • Pat and Tony had planned to have tea with Peggy and Jack but Tony is delayed helping Neil unload furniture which he is storing in the barn. Jack has another senior moment. (They will be joined up soon.) Pat explains her worries about Helen.
  • Brian is on the phone; predictably Matt is annoyed that Will has been offered the job. He had told Brian to stop faffing and get it sorted, so he has. Adam is bursting to ask about the rumours that Brian is selling up but they are interrupted by Jack, having yet another senior moment. (They are joined up!)
  • The fête committee have a few ideas to chew over: Jolene’s parachuting Teddy bears (launched from the church tower) and Neil’s bush tucker challenge. Peggy longs for the days of tombola and guess the weight of the cake.
  • If Brian was thinking of selling up he might have mentioned it to Adam, who is keen to take on more of the day to day farm management; Brian assures him that he has every confidence in him but had not expected him to want to put down such firm roots. Nothing is decided; Brian is just considering his options.

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