Eddie must face the music in five weeks’ time, Christopher Carter rather sooner.

Radio Times: Ed uses his negotiating skills.

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  • Eddie has gone to The Bull to drown his sorrows: the expected summons arrived today for him to appear at Felpersham Magistrates Court in five weeks’ time. Clarrie is horrified to hear Ed declare that they will have no more trouble from Snatch, but when he explains how he and William went to talk to Snatch she is delighted – as much with the fact they did something together as with the result.
  • At Brookfield, Sam has arrived later than expected, on his day off, to survey the pastures. He had been looking around the neighbourhood and had stopped at The Bull for lunch; he liked the beer – and the landlady. Sam recounts a run-in with Bert, who had clearly not been told about him coming and thought he was prospecting with a metal detector. He has found some of the grazing a bit thin and suggests measures to help it recover.
  • Christopher is whingeing to Ed about caravan living, which starts today, and Ed recommends making a bender. Christopher is not looking forward to sharing a bedroom with his sister; Ed can’t sympathise there – he would love to! Christopher very helpfully lends Kathy his mobile to ring Kenton, who is late, and while she is thus distracted, switches tonight’s DVD for something rather less suited to an audience of parents with young children.
  • David and Sam decided to opt for The Bull rather than the film and are there to witness the encounter between Kathy and Ed, who points out that tonight’s stunt was nothing to do with him. Right! If Christopher Carter thinks he can get away with that, he is very much mistaken.

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