Adam and Sid make their peace. Emma and Chris say no to caravan living.

Radio Times: Kathy gets confrontational.

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  • It’s moving day for the Carters with a bit of help from Sid but none from Christopher; he has disappeared after a row with Neil over his little prank. Susan insists on taking her velvet curtains and will not allow Emma to use them as a room divider.
  • When Kathy delivers Jamie to The Bull, she wants a word about his weight. Jolene is adamant that he is not being fed the wrong things there but she too has noticed that he is distinctly chubby.
  • With No. 1 The Green empty, Susan starts to reminisce but is soon brought back to reality by Emma; it’s a poxy little house and they deserve better.
  • As Sid and Jolene discuss Jamie’s weight problem, Adam interrupts: he’s been a bit of a prat and had it coming and he’s sorry. Now, if Sid had been alone he would probably have accepted the apology and left it at that, but he is not alone; Jolene is with him. He shouldn’t have hit Adam; he lost it and he is sorry. Adam’s ban is lifted, Sid shakes his hand (which didn’t hurt) and they agree that the cricket team should decide on any changes there.
  • The caravan is definitely not growing on Emma: the shower is tiny, the kitchen cupboards are tiny … Neil has found Christopher installed in Willow Farm with his computer and some cushions on which he says he is going to sleep. Emma has decided to take herself off to Will’s for a shower and she will stay there. So it’s just Neil and Susan; oh dear, this isn’t going to work.

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