Christopher makes his presence felt at Willow Farm and Roy is not pleased.

Radio Times: Susan has a guilt trip.

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  • All Susan’s plans for a happy family time in the caravan seem to have foundered. Emma has moved in with Will, and Christopher is a somewhat unwelcome guest at Willow Farm. But even Christopher comes home when he wants some lunch and a bit of motherly encouragement for next day’s GCSE exams.
  • At the cricket, Adam’s out for a duck, and Sid’s not pleased, but they manage to avoid another row. Jack starts reminiscing about the war, but has another of his memory lapses, confusing the band-leader Tommy Croker with his father, and saying that no-one has bought tickets for the Jitterbug ball, though as Roy points out, it’s been a sell-out. But Roy has other things on his mind; Christopher’s presence at Willow Farm is upsetting Phoebe, and when Susan suggests that he should be allowed to stay there until his last exam, in three weeks’ time, Roy is not amused.
  • Ian is busy preparing the not-altogether-authentic food for the Jitterbug Ball, and is interrupted by Adam, who needs to know that Ian has forgiven him, now that he’s apologised to Sid. Ian has forgiven him, but warns Adam that if they are to have any sort of future together, he’s got to behave.

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