Usha offers advice to Eddie before she flies off to Canada.

Radio Times: The future looks bleak for Eddie.

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  • Helen is still causing concern at Bridge Farm. She looks awful, and despite spending all day in bed, can’t sleep and is very touchy. She won’t eat breakfast, insisting on going to the shop, because her continued absence isn’t fair on Kirsty. Pat suggests that she might help in the dairy instead, but when Helen takes up the offer, all she does is snap at Clarrie, and find fault with Pat.
  • Will comes round to show his parents the guest list. He’s upset to learn that Rosie won’t be coming, as she’s on holiday, but he decides he’ll take Em to visit her. Wedding invitations are the last thing on Eddie’s mind, though. He’s worried sick about the court case. Usha calls around to him before she flies off to Canada. When she learns about Eddie’s beating-up, she’s really concerned, but thinks it might provide evidence that he really was taken in by Snatch.
  • Ed, who seems genuinely concerned about Eddie, tries to enlist Will’s help. He thinks they must find evidence about Snatch and his meat, but Will thinks the law should take its course.
  • Later, Eddie and Ed help Tony plant out the leeks, rather to Pat’s amazement; she can’t forget the Cannabis incident, but Tony can’t find anyone else. Eddie is still very stiff and bruised from the beating he got.

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