Lynda makes a discovery.

Radio Times: David does a good deed.

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  • As she’s out walking Hermes, Lynda comes across a nest of leverets, and in her anxiety that David shouldn’t mow them down with his tractor, she nearly causes an accident. He’s cross at first, but when he realises what she’s found, is keen to show them to the children and to ask Bert for information.
  • Adam is having problems with one of his Ukrainian seasonal workers, who seems to be in a permanent daydream. When Brian finds out, he tells Adam bluntly that he’s the production manager, so he’s better manage the situation.
  • Strawberries are on Jenny’s mind, too. With Wimbledon coming up, she thinks they should dress up in tennis kit and sell strawberries and cream ready to eat, like at Wimbledon. Brian is somewhat scornful.
  • A disappointed Lynda has learnt that her idea of the Cat and Fiddle appearing on TV as a restoration project has failed, but Jenny reads the leaflet that came with the rejection, which suggests a self-help project. What about a heritage centre? Lynda jumps at the challenge. Their very own museum of local culture!
  • Kathy fetches the Brookfield children home along with Jamie, and asks Ruth about school dinners. Josh claims that all he eats is chips. Could that be why Jamie is putting on so much weight?

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