Mike comes to the rescue at Sid’s birthday party.

Radio Times: Sid gets a birthday surprise.

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  • There’s a big surprise in store at the Bull for Sid’s birthday: an Elvis impersonator, who causes quite a stir when he’s seen at the village shop.
  • It just isn’t Eddie’s day; while he was up at the Carters’ building site he discovers that Neil has got someone in to do the foundations, a job Eddie was counting on. Work has been a bit sparse recently, and Eddie’s feeling hard done by. It’s all down to immigrants from Eastern Europe, he says.
  • In other parts of Ambridge, rural tranquillity and a fair bit of saccharine are in evidence. Ruth and David take the children to see the leverets again, and to watch the mother hare feeding her young. Aah.
  • Although Sid’s party is a roaring success, Elvis can’t hold his drink, and isn’t capable of performing, so Mike nobly steps in. He gives a mean rendition of Jailhouse Rock, but poor old Eddie takes it the wrong way, and thinks Mike is having a go at him.

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